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F Basic
F Master
Etsy Master

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Permission to do

Select Facebook or Etsy.
Research on , Sample Data

Research on Facebook Research on Facebook Research on Etsy All + Shopify All +
Shopify, Research by Pixel
Access devices same IP

Max devices can access to spy at the same time for each IP (same local network as LAN, WIFI)

01 02 01 03 05
Recommend seller level Free Traffic Facebook Master Free Traffic Small Team Big Team
Research follow a Shopify Store

Research ANY Shopify store and review their new arrivals products everyday.

Research by pixels

Show all facebook posts, fan pages, web stores related to a pixel.
Show all items from followed pixels in Pixels page

Access to Posts like Sponsored Ads

Show all post like a Facebook Ads in a page.
Sample Post

Access to Hot Trending items

Show all hot trending Facebook posts with high interaction(reaction/comment/share) in 24 hours.
Sample Hot Trending

Following Facebook Pages

The limit number of pages you're able to follow foreach account.

60 pages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Import Etsy shop to research

The limit number of Etsy shop you're able to import to follow to spy.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Access to Hot Etsy Shop

Show all hot trending products on Etsy in 24 hours.

Access to Best-selling Products Etsy

Show all hot sold products on Etsy.


Apply for every 30 days.

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